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How to raise funds for your student using

Download the App

  • Download the RaiseRight App. 

  • Hillgrove enrollment code is 133LDB7L14261.

  • Complete the personal information and banking section. (The band does not process checks for RaiseRight, so do not use the Pay Coordinator Directly option.)

  • Make sure you list your student in the personal information section. In the app, it's under Account -> Settings -> Personal Information.

  • Grandparents and other supporters can also use this to help raise funds for your student!  They will need to identify the student's name in their profile.

Shop your brands

  • Each brand earns a different percentage - Amazon earns you 1.7%, while Old Navy currently earns 14%.  Sometimes RaiseRight will offer bonuses up to 20%.

  • Make sure you select eGift cards if you want to use it immediately.  

  • Physical gift cards can be shipped directly to you ($1 for standard mail or $11.50 for UPS).  If you don’t want to pay shipping, they are ordered once per month and delivered to the coordinator.  Porch pickup or meet up will be arranged.

Earn Funds!

  • Each month, your RaiseRight coordinator runs a report and sends it to the band's treasurer. 

  • Earned funds are applied to your student's account and reflected on your student's monthly CutTime statement.

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